• Internet Container Conceptual Development
  • Internet Container 3D Visualization
  • Internet Container Interior
IT Container

The conceptual development of an IT container to be distributed to several South African townships is currently in its planning stages. The design will see the creative reuse of old shipping containers to accommodate eight internet stations along the sides of the container as well as a printing and managerís work station at the entrance, allowing the manager to perform various tasks.

The containers will be safe, secure, durable, affordable and attractive. This is achieved with the use of robust materials such as rubber and metal grids and by minimising the use of joints and separate objects. This way, maintenance costs are reduced significantly. Subsequently, the design is economically feasible. All inside elements, such as workstations, computers, printers and other accessories, are permanently fixtures in order to reduce the possibility of theft.

With the use of lights, passive ventilation, bright colours and bold graphics on the interior and exterior of the containers, the space will not only be comfortable but also an attractive hotspot for socialising.

This creative design satisfies the client brief while being highly functional and acting as an advertisement for the client.