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At Muse Architects we believe that the choice of architectural design and the elements that accompany it is a fiercely personal one. Therefore, we recommend that clients meet with our team to establish exactly what their needs and wants are. This is done in order to provide the client with a costing estimate, timeline and feasibility study. Of course, our services can then also extend to project management and business concept development.

Alternatively, clients are welcome to phone, fax or email us.


We consider the people we design for as the most important aspect of any project. Therefore, we always undertake to understand the end-user’s needs and wants and to provide a unique and qualitative experience.

Furthermore, we always conduct a thorough analysis of the location, culture and surrounds of each project. Our design never disrupts but rather ties in harmoniously with its environment while always grabbing the attention of a viewer.

We challenge convention through the exploration of the alternative yet highly functional use of materials, construction, detailing and function. We create exciting and visually appealing designs and believe that our team grow as individuals as a result.

Our focus is always on finding a truly environmentally conscious solution through the use of highly functional, qualitative and detailed designs in terms of materials and construction methods. The result stands the test of time while respecting the environment.

Muse employees are encouraged to grow within their respective disciplines while engaging with each other and clients in a responsible, pro-active and inquisitive manner. We attempt to achieve this through regular research, travel and theoretical discussions.

Finally, we view each project as a challenge, regardless of its size. Therefore, we strive to develop innovative and creative solutions that not only always satisfy the brief, but also exceed the client’s expectations.

Green Philosophy

From conceptualisation to execution, our projects are always designed with sustainable principles in mind. At Muse we still use natural principles such as passive heating and cooling, many of which were incorporated into building designs before modern technology such as air-conditioning and electrical heating became readily available to the public. These methods not only allow us to decrease energy consumption but the end-user’s health and wellbeing also benefit from it through the optimising of views and interaction with nature.

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) introduced the Green Star SA Rating System (GSSARS) according to which buildings are rated on how environmentally sustainable they are built and operated. We offer the accreditation of any project as Muse-owner Phillip Loots is a registered Green Star SA accredited professional and also has extensive experience in the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) which is the UK equivalent of GSSARS.

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