Muse Architects


Muse Architects’ offerings include new structures, additions and alterations for residential, commercial, educational, industrial and governmental structures. This also encompasses the appraisal and definition of projects; the design and development of sketch plans; securing authority approvals; designing working drawings; setting up tender documentation; and managing contract administration. No project is too big or too small.

Interior design

The Muse team offers exceptional proficiency in the interior design of residential, retail, commercial, educational, and hospitality-orientated spaces, whether it is a complete redesign or simply applying small yet effective changes to existing venues. Furthermore, we also offer exclusive and personalised product and furniture design for our clients and/or their brands.

3D Visualisation

Graphic design and 3D Visualisation go hand-in-hand at Muse and can be applied either to our own projects or others brought in from other companies. Each of these projects then undergoes an extensive process in order to produce the required graphic and/or 3D result.

Business concept development and branding

Clients are encouraged to bring their business ideas and allow the Muse team to assist them with determining the feasibility of a project. This includes market research, conceptualisation, branding, building and interior design. This is the first practical step in turning an excellent idea into a successful reality.

Model making

Muse staff members are adept at creating models for projects ranging from high-end buildings to artistic sculptures.

Muse Architects
Muse Architects