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With the construction of a new lecture venue across the way, the run-down 2nd Avenue Campus Cafeteria was in want of an update.

The cafeteria serves as a central hub for the campus, and is constantly a hive of activity. Much of the spaces were being under-utilized and there was a shortage of seating space. The Interior also had no identity or ambiance.

Similarly to the NMU residence dining halls, the brief called for a durable and vandal-proof redesign.

Drawing inspiration from street art, bright, striking graphics bring the space to life. This was done using cost effective solutions, such as the wall mural and wicker, rope and wire-mesh hexagonal artworks which are suspended from the beam structure.

Re-purposed furniture was used in order to enhance the retro quality of the interior as well as stretch the budget. A good example of this are the red swivel chairs which had been discarded at NMU Technical Services which were re-upholstered. The tables were all made using old wood pallets.