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This exquisite residential design one of our other beautiful homes we have designed for The Little Walmer Gold Estate. Located on the edge of the valley overlooking all that is nature/green, you would forget you wear living in a city.

Although design is creative there are always technical aspects, with the located of this house on the edge overlooking the valley, the estate has strict guidelines that all home of the edge of the estate only have a one storey visibility form the street view. This necessitated substantial excavations to accommodate this large family home of 3 stories. Thus meaning the second storey being ground level and the third storey being the “one storey you see from street view

This means that you have to drive down to a central courtyard to get to the homes entrance, thus creating a semi-private drive in for the home owners and there elite guest.

Entering this grand home you are greeted with a view overlooking the valley that gracefully draws/pulls into the home with a body of water coming from an infinity pool.

With the infinity pool being the main design feature, we designed all the entertainment spaces around the “L”- shape pool, also being on a lower level this space design is private from all surrounding neighbours just connecting with the surrounding nature.

Bedrooms and private spaces are located on the first floor. Security was an important aspect for the client as the first floor can be sacred from the rest of the house without any features visible.

Sustainable features include water harvesting and photovoltaic which allows the dwelling to be discounted from municipal services. All the bedrooms on first floor have balconies.